Mindful Therapy and the ARE Process™

Emotional Mindfulness  +  Technique  =  ARE Process™ … takes you from feeling to healing

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Montreal

Hypnosis facilitates the connection to deeper insights not accessible through regular talk therapy.  Access more of your mind.  It’s natural!

Regression Center of Montreal

“It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future.” —Paulo Coelho


Serving Montreal, the West Island & World-wide
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The Possibility to Thrive!
If you’ve reached a point where….

You’ve talked about it, you understand why
but the feelings remain the same, patterns are unchanged.
You may be ready for change at a
different level. 

This is a frequent starting point for many of my clients.

Are you ready to change how you feel?

As a responsible individual who has taken the time and effort to improve your emotional state, it may be confounding to you when you get-it rationally, but your feelings don’t.  The feelings just go on repeating the same old patterns.

Perhaps …

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