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Creator of Way Beyond Talk™.
Emotional Skills Coaching.
Naturotherapist.  Hypnotherapist.  Coach.

For a lot of people, juggling life’s challenges has more to do with trying to avoid, rather than fully living.  However, what most people are unconsciously avoiding is that uneasy feeling inside, or those repetitive critical messages playing in their mind.

Tina provides her clients with the tools and processes to break the cycle of avoidance and regain control over their inner life.

Tina specializes in guiding people to look inside rather than outside themselves for personal fulfillment.  Tina helps her clients rise above the tyranny of thought and live in greater emotional balance–by revealing how they too can navigate their inner landscape with new awareness.

Tina has a particular perspective on these life challenges.  A survivor of early childhood abandonment–she has spent a lifetime recovering from the shock and pain.  But a life marked by the trauma of abandonment, is also a life marked by searching, healing–and of overcoming.  Distilled into an approach to self-healing, she is passionate about sharing it with her clients.

Throughout her prior 25 year career in the corporate world, Tina’s passion for living an emotionally balanced life increasingly grew.  So when she left her corporate career, she gravitated to her heartfelt interest in self-healing. A natural learner with a pioneering spirit, she followed her insights on the path to healing.  Tina learned to look inside.  She also understood the power of unexpressed feelings. Tina’s journey, bolstered by study and contemplation, and a belief that we all have what we need within us–culminated in the desire to help people, help themselves. If not you, who?

At ease in many disciplines, Tina’s early academic studies at university were marked with great distinction.  With an inquiring mind and a lifelong dedication to studying, combined with extensive training in the complementary healing arts of hypnosis, regression, mindfulness meditation, and inner-child work, Tina’s skills have been honed over the years.
Training has taken her to places in Canada and in the USA, amongst them:
— Past Life Regression training: Brian L. Weiss, M.D., Texas, USA
— Hypnosis Certification, Ottawa
— Past Life Regression
training: Roger Woolger, Ph.D. Deep Memory Process®, New York, USA
Training Inner-Child Work, Ottawa
— Hypnotherapist Diploma
renowned Hypnosis Training Institute of Northern California, USA
and … Dedicated researcher, Avid reader, Creator, Self-taught.

Tina uniquely draws from a pool of experiential healing techniques (from the traditions of hypnosis, zen1 and mindfulness) for a combination that is best-suited for each client.  Using techniques that assist in engaging the subconscious, Tina guides you through it, with your participation fully present.

Tina takes the time to understand her client’s individual concerns.  She sees the big picture of their life, as well as the details in the picture.  She also sees beyond that – to the possibilities they have within.  The key to making changes happen.

Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points.”
–D. T. Suzuki2

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¹Definition of Zen:
Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism and originated in China during the 6th century.
-From Wikipedia:   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen
2Japanese author, philosopher on Buddhism and Zen.

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