Find out if it’s for you

Are you…
  • Motivated to change
  • Open to alternative approaches
  • Willing to put into practice what you learn


Are you motivated to feel better?  Are you motivated enough to accept changes within you?  Motivated enough to experience a personal transformation?


Are you willing to take a different step forward?  Are you willing to explore within?  Are you open to alternative approaches…such as hypnosis?  Are you open to your spirituality?


Are you committed to doing some homework?  To acquire these self-help skills you will be called upon to put into practice the tools you have learned. You are in control here.

Your Checklist …

  • I am open to exploring my true self.
  • I am prepared to be flexible about old beliefs.
  • I am committed to using the tools.
  • I am ready to feel differently!

The Process requires your active participation. You control the input and the level the effort — with gentle guidance and support throughout.

Ultimately, the ARE Process™ is a self-healing skill.  A  skill you will always be able to use.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”  —Helen Keller

Empower yourself now.

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