3 Key Points Before You Start

  1. You have a definable goal in mind for the hypnosis session. You are single-minded about your goal.
  2. If this is not the case, then intervening sessions to explore the source of the conflict may be required before proceeding. Change may be thwarted when the client is of two minds regarding their goal.  That is, there may be an unstated belief, or a hidden incentive to maintain the old ways.  This may require resolution (either using techniques such as conflict-resolution under hypnosis or by the client making a mindful decision regarding the conflict).
  3. Coming to the sessions with an open-mind facilitates the process.  Inflexible or preconceived expectations can hinder the subconscious from taking the lead. Instead, allow the response to just emerge, rather than searching consciously for it or directing it with preconceptions.  Let it happen … and it will happen.

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