5 Revealing Facts about Stage Hypnosis

… Stage hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not the same!

  1. In a stage setting, the person who volunteers is, firstly, volunteering while in a normal conscious state to be on a stage.  They are choosing to perform.  They may be the type of person who is comfortable in front of an audience or simply want to let-loose.
  2. Secondly, participants are selected (or pre-selected) because they are highly suggestible subjects.  This means they are pre-screened and selected because they are readily hypnotizable.
  3. Thirdly, they are curious and open to the process. They are curious enough to find out how it feels to be hypnotized, and open to experiencing it on stage.  They frequently respond to a call to come up on stage only if they truly want to be hypnotized.
  4. Fourthly, being on stage and not knowing what happens next, they are prepared to follow the suggestions that are given to them.  They are on-the-spot while on stage!
  5. Finally, that which they are asked to perform, does not challenge their moral code.  In other words, they are not doing something which they would otherwise feel is morally unacceptable.

Careful selection
works to ensure the entertaining results of stage hypnosis.

Additional forces at play.  Social pressures and group dynamics also assist the stage hypnotist, and she/he takes full advantage.

Of course, in an office setting the hypnotist does not select clients from an audience.  Clients who consult with a hypnotist do not come for entertainment.  They are there for more personally challenging reasons.  Curiously, this challenge sometimes translates into an underlying resistance on their part.  Although counter-productive, this affirms the client’s control. The hypnotist in this case must work through the resistance with the client – while the stage hypnotist immediately dismisses the person back to their seat.  Hypnotherapy is more than simply being hypnotized!

Does that clarify the difference?

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