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  1. Typically, the first consultation will focus on information gathering.  In order to effectively work with new clients, relevant facts and background information are required.  It is an indication that your hypnotist is well-trained.  The first consultation is also an opportunity to communicate additional information as well as respond to any questions the client may have.  So come equipped with any and all questions you may have for me.  Rest assured that deep work is not conducted in the first session.
  2. Most important:  hypnosis is not a magic pill or miracle cure.  This cannot be stressed enough.  It is not a passive cure-all process that is done to you.  It is a collaborative process – it’s important to be present and to work with your hypnotist.  Communicate concerns and participate in the process.  You want the process to be empowering.  Let it happen, and it will happen.
  3. Your motivation can enhance or hinder the results. The intention and clarity behind your goal is important because it ultimately supports your goal, or hinders it. The latter is an indication that a conflict exists.  Change is difficult when there is a deeper or hidden conflict. Whether it is about entering the hypnotic trance, feeling comfortable with your hypnotist, or experiencing wavering or conflicting intentions, if you sense any of this, speak to your hypnotist about it. There are ways to resolve such conflicts (this may even open up new possibilities).  Hypnosis will not always proceed as planned. The point is to resolve conflict in order to achieve your goal. Then, you can focus on life as it will be. Do you have the will for change?
  4. Prior experience with meditation is good preparation, but not a requirement.  If you are at ease with going inside or just curious, then you are well on your way!  If you have any apprehensions about this, speak to your hypnotist.  Perhaps misconceptions may be at work here, which can be dealt with.  An open-minded spirit is a great start.
  5. Make use of your predominant sense, and what works best for you.  Not everyone sees clear images under hypnosis.  Earlier we covered the five physical senses and identified that most people have one or more predominant sense.  Focus on the sense you favor and use it to help you enrich your experience.  Go ahead, help yourself!   Each of us experiences hypnosis in our own way.  So deepen your experience by focusing on your senses.  Try focusing on your breath.  Follow your instinct and know that there is no wrong way.
  6. Longer term results may require reinforcement.  Changing behavior or patterns may require different hypnotic approaches or various techniques.  There are numerous approaches and techniques that a hypnotist may use (such as: suggestion, metaphor, hypnotic rehearsal, ideomotor, regression, hypnotic dream work, etc).  The choice will depend on a number of factors from the hypnotist’s own preferences to the client’s responsiveness.  However, given the immediate success of any technique, life experiences may either alter the result, or present new challenges that were not previously dealt with.  Reinforcement or homework may be required.
  7. Hypnosis is not a substitute for psychotherapy.  Interesting though, previous experience with a skilled psychotherapist/psychologist is good background for hypnosis sessions.  This is because the client who has undergone psychological therapy is more likely to be comfortable exploring their conscious mind and feelings, and understands or has begun to understand the reasons behind their challenges, and  may have already explored their cognitive beliefs.  They are now ready for change at a different level.  Hypnosis is not a substitute for traditional therapy.  If hypnosis is not for you, you will be advised accordingly, and be referred to a psychotherapist/psychologist, or other health professional.

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