Use of the Senses in Hypnosis

(*some schools of thought believe we potentially have many more than 5 senses!)

We use our senses to perceive the world, and in turn to represent our experience to ourselves.  Visual, kinesthetic and auditory are considered to be our primary senses.  We use all of our primary senses all the time, but we also tend to favour some over others. If you are not aware or uncertain which sense you favor, it will become more and more apparent to you as you undergo hypnosis.

The sense or senses that you favor play a role in the hypnotic induction (i.e. the method or approach to inducing hypnosis).  Here is how: if you favor your visual sense, then a preferred method of entering into trance for you might be a guided visualization or an emphasis on images.  However, the individual who favors, say their kinesthetic sense would respond more powerfully to a relaxation or to an induction that emphasizes that they “sense” or “feel” something.

The important fact to take-away from this knowledge is that you can always make the induction fit you and your predominant sense.  In other words, make use of the sense that comes most naturally to you.  If the hypnotist says visualize a garden, but your natural sense is kinesthetic, then simply sense what it feels like to be in a garden (do not get caught-up with seeing the garden).  One is not better than another.  Always help yourself by allowing your predominant sense to take over, and the rest will follow.

What makes sense is what comes naturally to you!

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