What does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Others have said…
    • Some say it reminds them of a state of mind they naturally drift into from time-to-time (like a daydream)
    • Some say it’s like sleeping but being awake at the same time
    • Others describe it as a very pleasant relaxation
    • Like being “in the zone”
    • Some say they heard everything
    • Others say they don’t remember anything after the relaxation part
    • Loss of awareness or feeling in parts of their body
    • Many say they gently drifted in and out, like waves
    • Some say their limbs felt really heavy,
    • Others, very light as if they were floating
    • Some say they felt very focused
    • Some experience a distortion in the passage of time
    • Others feel cheerfully acquiescent
    • I don’t know why I lifted my arm, I just felt like doing it
    • Like being in a meditative state
    • It felt so good I wanted to stay longer!
    •  … the list goes on

What will you feel?

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