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Hypnosis facilitates the connection to deeper insights not accessible through regular talk therapy.  Access more of your mind.  It’s natural!

If you have ever felt that you consciously want to change
, improve, get-over, act, or react differently to certain triggers in your life – hypnosis can help – by gently working with your subconscious to begin aligning it with the desires of your conscious mind.

What can hypnosis help with?

  • Perhaps you experience anxiety or an uncomfortable physical reaction in certain situations (could be in crowds, or when poised to take action, or upon entering a dark room, etc)
  • Perhaps you are confounded by panic attacks in a given set of circumstances (could be when crossing a bridge, or when driving, in water, or public speaking, etc)
  • Perhaps you are in transition or life changes are imminent which may be bringing up fears or doubts, or feelings that may at times bounce you between states of overwhelm to being stuck
  •  Perhaps your reaction in certain situations surprises even you (could be you enjoy public speaking but this changes and you don’t know why, or you fear meeting/interacting with certain people that you previously were at ease with, and don’t know why, etc)
  • Perhaps you have been undergoing psychotherapy and feel stuck (a hypnosis intervention to dislodge or gently highlight the obstruction could complement your therapy to reach greater heights, etc)
  • Perhaps you’re living with a mystery of sorts that you wish to shed light on (could be a lost object, or night terrors while asleep, or an aversion, etc).

What is your unique challenge?

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