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Why are we trying to be perfect spiritual beings on earth? What we are really here to do is to perfect our humanity.
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Let go of fear.
Let go of guilt.
Let go of shame.
Let go of … Maybe anger’s your thing?
Let go of … Maybe it’s envy?
Whatever it is … Let go of it.


Is it gone yet?

I know, and agree, that the powerful feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness, etc., are truly desirable, feel-good, high vibration, spiritual-minded emotions. However, is it realistic, feasible or even human to feel only the “lofty” feelings and either never feel those low-vibration emotions, or to simply let them go ? (Where do they go anyway?) Instead, I propose that a little bit of humanity be injected into the notion of letting go.


Consider how the following two questions highlight differing perspectives on humanity and spirituality.
How do I best live my humanity? vs How do I best live my spirituality?
From which perspective or belief do you live your life?


I recently read a poem that highlights these differences… I’m paraphrasing (not quoting because I don’t recall the author’s name):  Why are we trying to be perfect spiritual beings on earth? What we are really here to do is to perfect our humanity. To that I would add that we are spiritual beings living to perfect our humanity.


So maybe it’s time to feel human again.


If human feelings such as guilt, anger, envy, and so on, are to be banished (as we are often encouraged to do) but we cannot, how does that leave us feeling? … Still guilty, angry, envious, but also less worthy because we cannot let it go.


If you can truly let go, no matter the situation, I honour that in you (and if you wish to share how you do it, please do!). But if you feel discouraged because you “ought” to let go, but can’t, then listen-up.


Just feel the feelings! But do it mindfully, without judgment, and without engaging the inner-critic. Befriend how it feels in an inquiring way. The part you can banish are your thoughts (yes – even you can learn to quiet your thoughts) – the part you control! Your feelings come from a more involuntary place. They are trying to give you a message. Listen to their wisdom. Be open to what unfolds and feel the relief.


So—how do we perfect our humanity? By striving for personal growth. Your emotions provide excellent clues on how to get there. Listen to them.


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