Past Life Regression

To Believe or Not to Believe ?

“The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science.”                                                     —Albert Einstein

I might also add  faith
to the quote above.  Faith is also a mystery.  What about past lives then?

The point is that we are not here to debate the veracity of past lives.  Past Life Regression (PLR) work does not require that you believe in the concept of reincarnation.  Surprised?  Do you believe that we use 100% of the capacity of our minds?  Where does imagination come from?  What about creativity?  Is there a purpose to dreaming?  Where do our dreams come from?  What about intuition?  Ever have something jog your memory?  What is consciousness? …

These experiences are all common-place, but also not fully understood.  And I could easily slot a past life “memory” into anyone of these categories.

You may choose to believe the “past life” memory you experienced is active imagination, a dream, or a symbol of our “collective unconscious”, or maybe you choose to believe it is indeed a past life.  Any way you look at it, your greater consciousness is at work.

Philosophy, science/quantum physics, psychology and medicine all continue to explore the power of consciousness and try to grapple with what consciousness is, and how it influences our bodies, hearts and minds.  I suspect we will be exploring the phenomenon of consciousness (and beyond) for some time.  Yet the power of our greater consciousness is undeniable.

The point is that it’s the benefit of past life work that counts.  Allow the emotion of mystery and awe to rule the experience, and its benefits.  Don’t let one-sided critical thinking spoil the potential the experience has to offer.

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