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“It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future.”

How it works

Regression builds on the hypnotic process. It can deepen the experience. Regression facilitates access to past events. Taking you back in time … So you can resolve the past & thrive now!

Another pathway to change is exploring root cause(s). In hypnotic age regression you go back in time to a chosen event, or to one that your subconscious guides you to.  (The former is directed; the latter is non-directed.)  Regression may be used as a method to uncover the source of the problem you are experiencing, or for non-therapeutic purposes such as recovering lost objects.

Your conscious mind may not be able to comprehend how regression can explore the past, but your subconscious mind may already be there.  What unfolds in the regression process is precisely what is needed.  Clients are amazed at their own potential to find answers within themselves.

Sometimes it’s in the details.  Regression may explore a memory that you already know.  But under hypnotic regression, details that you were not previously conscious of, suddenly reveal themselves.

Recall ranges in intensity. From a subtle experience, where the memory is experienced as a gentle, but clear, knowing … All the way to re-experiencing the memory, referred to as revivification, where it feels like you are re-living it …  And in-between experiences, that feel like you are observing the experience. All are valid, effective, and appropriate. The point is to “work through” unresolved events or experiences that directly or indirectly impinge on your present well-being.

Subtle recall vs full re-vivification?  Emotions can amplify the intensity of the recall.  But the memory may, or may not, contain an emotional charge.  Generally, what you experience is what is appropriate at that time.  Your subconscious may or may not be ready for full re-vivification.  However, I always work with what unfolds in the moment.

Some memories can be more fully experienced in subsequent regressions – like a build-up to a crescendo.  When we better understand the process we are more likely to fully let go.  Be patient with yourself and allow the process to unfold.

The energy that is released shortly after the regression might leave you feeling drained.  There is no need to be alarmed if you feel tired or even exhausted.  You will feel just that much lighter in the coming days.  However, not all regressions leave you drained. Do not hesitate to contact your practitioner if you have any concerns!

We may not believe we have the answers.  However, what unfolds in the regression process may reveal deeply meaningful insights, or be a stepping-stone for insights to come.  Let yourself be amazed!

Technically Speaking…

Definition of hypnotherapy: 

Hypnotherapy is a naturalistic approach that uses the client’s present resources and strengths to further and accomplish meaningful goals.”

Regression is a naturalistic approach because it’s fundamentally a natural means of self-healing – by allowing your subconscious to pinpoint the source of discomfort.  Regression also makes use of your present resources and strengths to resolve or re-frame the source of discomfort, the goal.  The latter may occur autonomously or interactively with the assistance of your regression practitioner.

What to expect from your first session?

As with all hypnosis work, the first consultation is typically dedicated to information gathering and question & answer. Regression hypnosis is introduced in subsequent sessions. Often we begin with a more basic hypnosis session — a good foundation for regression work. Regression flows naturally and more powerfully from here. The process is customized to best suit each client’s needs.

If you want to experience the power and relief of neutralizing past wounds, traumas or past painful events that may be subconsciously affecting you today, then regression hypnosis might be for you. But first, you will receive skilled guidance in determining if this technique is appropriate for you. Are you ready to explore? I will provide the necessary support and guidance to assist you in releasing and neutralizing those old wounds. All the while, in a relaxed state of hypnosis. The relief you experience is your opening to personal growth!

Searching for something beyond talk therapy alone ?

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Past Life Regression
To Believe or Not to Believe ?

“The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which
stands at the cradle of true art and science.”

I might also add  faith to the quote above.  Faith is also a mystery.  What about past lives then?

Past Life Regression (PLR) work does not require that you believe in the concept of reincarnation.  Surprised?  Do you believe that we use 100% of the capacity of our minds?  Where does imagination come from?  What about creativity?  Is there a purpose to dreaming?  Where do our dreams come from?  What about intuition?  Ever have something jog your memory?  What is consciousness? …

but also not fully understood.  And I could easily slot a past life “memory” into anyone of these categories.

you experienced is active imagination, a dream, or a symbol of our “collective unconscious”, or maybe you choose to believe it is indeed a past life.  Any way you look at it, your greater consciousness is at work.

and try to grapple with what consciousness is, and how it influences our bodies, hearts and minds.  I suspect we will be exploring the phenomenon of consciousness (and beyond) for some time.  Yet the power of our greater consciousness is undeniable.

Allow the emotion of mystery and awe to rule the experience, and its benefits.  Don’t let one-sided critical thinking spoil the potential the experience has to offer.


How it changes your life can be amazing!

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