How do I change how I feel?

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with your feelings.

They are not an indication that something is flawed with you!

Rather, consider a different possibility.

  • Emotions are messengers/indicators –  they are trying to convey a message or a warning to us.  A message that something non-tangible within us needs our attention and possibly healing.  Much like bodily symptoms or physical pain – akin to our physical immune system1.
  • It’s the nature of feelings, and of the subconscious, to keep on protecting us.  So, the feelings keep coming-up, and we keep trying to turn away from them.  If only your conscious mind could communicate directly with your emotional, or subconscious mind, then we could just stop those feelings from coming-up…

Life, of course, is not that simple.  But the concept can be.

Feelings are seated in the subconscious.

The subconscious mind does not respond effectively to rationalizations.

Rather, being present with our pure feelings can get us there.  By permitting our feelings to realize their intended purpose of warning us and guiding us to the source of our true pain we, can then naturally release and heal.  Completing the cycle rather than interrupting it, for a change.

This is often coupled with the pin-pointed use of trance states, such as hypnosis, allowing the subconscious to be accessed more effectively.  With regression, we go even deeper.

“In the feeling is the healing.”2

We begin by learning to go within, instead of looking outside ourselves…around us…or to someone else. 

Being with your pure feelings, non-judgmentally.

Then again, we often associate fear with feeling our feelings …

—“I can’t go there”

—“I don’t want to get stuck there”

—“I’ve been there and I don’t want to go back there”

—“I don’t want to open-up that can of worms!”

Interestingly, what we fear :

  • Are the deprecating thoughts we have
  • Coming face-to-face with hidden “beliefs”
  • Staying stuck in a state (such as depression, anxiety, overwhelm, etc.)
  • Fear of what we might discover about ourselves …

It’s actually not about experiencing the emotion itself!

Being with pure emotion, non-judgmentally, is an expression of love for ourselves.  It’s a recognition that our feelings matter – we matter.  It’s a release of unexpressed emotion and an enormous relief to our being. It brings to the surface a long awaited release and wisdom about what needs to heal.

You might expect the results to be explosive. Surprisingly, they are often gentle—yet powerful.

A quiet evolution from within.

A shift at a deeper level.

That’s how it feels.

When the right chord is struck.

Awareness, Recognition, Experiencing and Re-Evaluation all play a part in striking the right chord.  The build-up to the crescendo involves you.  I provide the guidance.


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1 More on this concept can be found in “Emotional Processing – Healing through Feeling”
by  Dr. Roger Baker
2 Anonymous –as far as I know!


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