Tina’s clients say it best …

“You have been the only person that I can say changed my life completely.”

    – Heartfelt expression from a client

Lifted out of Immeasurable Grief
When I unexpectedly lost my husband a couple of years ago, leaving me a widow at a young age and my two toddlers without a father, I was a complete mess. I was in a state of shock. My grief was so acute, I didn’t think it was possible to be in so much pain and not die from it. I tried everything. From Reiki to meditation to Yoga to going to church to traditional psychotherapy. Nothing worked. Nothing made me feel better. Until Tina came into my life.

It was her soothing energy, her wisdom beyond words, her empathy and care that were able to cut through my fog of pain and get through to me. To this day, she helps me deal with my personal issues and take care of my emotional health. I don’t know where I’d be today without her. She is an invaluable source of strength and resilience in my life.

Tina is one of the most beautiful souls and one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met in my life. I truly wish that every human being finds a Tina in their life.

From Childhood Abuse to Relief
Tina you are an unbelievable soul and am so grateful to have connected with you in this life time! You are truly gifted and I can’t thank you enough for all the ways that you have supported me. This was my worst break down. You are one of my biggest reasons that I am still alive today. There are no words that could even come close to describing how unbelievably gifted you are – you just care so much!

You have a way of understanding things exactly the way they are – it’s like you are in my head and know and understand everything. Even with the severity of my childhood abuse, you were able to get through the deep emotional blocks and have forever changed my life.

I had no idea how hypnotherapy could be so powerful. It’s impressive how much my body kept score throughout the first 20 years of my life. The best part about seeing you is that I didn’t have to recount traumatic events, or narrate the worst of my flashbacks. You guided me through hypnotherapy and let my body and my subconscious do all of the work. I still can’t believe how quick you would get me under hypnosis –  amazing!! I travel 2 hours each way to come see you, and would travel further if needed – because you are absolutely worth it. Thank you for being you and thank you for using your gift to heal others. Till we meet again Tina – much love to you.
–T. Arcand

“I’m so glad I found you!”
   – A client’s spontaneous expression at the end of a session

Emotional Healing Realized
Hi Tina,
It was so nice running into to you the other day. I often think of you and our sessions. Seeing you brought up so many good thoughts and emotions. It actually gave me goose bumps. I just wanted to let you know what an important part you played in the healing process of my journey. There are sometimes a few “cobwebs” that come up but having the tools you taught me are lifetime treasures. I am forever grateful for you being a part of my healing.

When I refer to that “difficult” time in my life I think of the people who helped me find my path and you are one of those people. What you do is a gift and you deserve the praise and recognition from those you have touched.

I felt the desire to reach out to you many times but never got around to it but seeing you put all of it in to perspective and I am happy it gave me the opportunity to thank “…it’s progress by leaps and bounds” you!
Sincere gratitude,

“…it’s progress by leaps and bounds!”
   – Client summarizes her experience

Depression Lifted – Shift to Stronger & Happier Self
Working with Tina has given me the incredible gift of reconnecting with myself, my emotions, and my source.

Before going to see Tina I had been in regular therapy for about 7 years with minimal improvement. I walked into Tina’s office after suffering major depression and didn’t know how to get better since regular therapy wasn’t helping.

Tina not only is a sweet and gentle listener but she has an innate ability to understand and be able to help heal you from deep within.

Tina’s great lesson to me was to get out of my head and allow myself to start feeling. This was no easy task for a very rational and logical person, but Tina’s approach made it so that there was progress every single session. Her focus on the feeling is what helped my healing in an authentic way and has changed me into my stronger, independent, happier self. I would recommend Tina to everyone who wants to truly heal. Tina has a gift that is powerful and helps deep healing.
Nathalie M.

“…you are amazing and people need to know this!”
   – Message from a client

Pathway to Growth & Self-Awareness
When I decided to have my first session with Tina, I had a goal in mind.  As it often happens (and we are always vaguely aware of it) that goal was not the point.  It is why I had that goal that became the path in itself.

I wanted to be in awe of what I could discover about the hidden part of my iceberg. Actually, afterwards I had to come to terms with the fact that no shocking truth was going to be discovered 😉 just my usual old self, but exposed under a different source of light.  When we finally get a glimpse of the full iceberg it does not mean it was not there before, it’s just the source of light, or our changed perspective that makes it whole and undeniable to us.

The sessions were very valuable to me. I think that having even a brief chance to get in contact with that hidden part of the self moves things in us, reminds us from where we come and points out why we became the way we are. A part from this, the conversations with Tina spotlighted at least 2 major aspects of my younger life that I saw in a totally different way for the first time. That was extremely important to me.

Awareness. It remains the building block of any change.  Switches on the light in dark rooms. Comes back to mind.  if we remember to call upon it.

Advice.Tina will focus the light on what you missed to see.  She will open a conversation in a compassionate and matter-of-fact way that will take you to examine your alternatives, in love and respect of yourself.

I have grown and learned.  I am much better equipped to deal with life events and personal emotions.

Public Speaking Relief …and much more

Hi Tina
I wanted to reach out to you to provide you with some updates. Since the last emails I have given some much larger presentations to audiences of 100+. The issues that plagued me in the past are almost not detectable and when they do arise this dissipate rather quickly. There has been a clear shift in my perception of the experience / action to a more pleasant one and an opportunity for me to interact with others in a productive and humorous way. I have received a lot of positive feedback from upper management regarding my presentations.

I really wanted to share this with you as I feel that you were key in all of this. Without meeting you I would not have been able to identify the root cause or shift the ‘feeling’ from negative to positive.

I truly appreciate the time that you spent with me.
–Jason G.

Less Anxiety- More Personal Development & Self-Esteem
A testimonial for Tina Romano!
Thanks to the work I’ve been doing with Tina, I have experienced some huge, and profound shifts in my everyday life: I sleep better (and dream better!), I’m more comfortable in my own skin, my anxiety has decreased dramatically. I feel more resilient and perhaps, paradoxically, more like myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first met with Tina, but she created a really safe space for me to be 100% open in. I was able to address my issues without fear of judgement, and talk openly about my spiritual beliefs. She integrated all of this information and patiently led me through sessions that could probably best be described as deeply healing. Tina is exceptionally professional, and yet she’s also warm, empathetic, and genuine. I have enthusiastically recommended her services to practically everyone I know : )

“I owe a lot of my past year to you. To say thank-you seems rather insufficient but I don’t know what else to say. …You have taught me such a valuable tool…”
   – Client’s expression of thanks

Less Fear, Sadness & Anger +  More Clarity

I came here in Canada as an immigrant, immigration is a challenge, after three year here, have a kind of stable life, I got faced with some issues in my life which drained my energy, inside me was like a mess, full of contradictions, fears, sadness
I had a travel in my home country and read a book called “only love is real” and “Many lives , many masters” from Doctor Brian Weiss, so I thought regression therapy may can be a help, I start to find a regression therapist in Montreal by searching in google, till I reached Tina’s website, I read all the testimonials in her website, but I was not sure if she can be a help, I found some other therapies but they were not available, I sent some emails to Tina and she replied them properly with patience.
My intuition was saying she can help me but she was far from my location, so I was not sure to meet with her, finally intuition won, I took the appointment and met with her .
She is awesome, she was talking like a voice from my inside, she helped me to see the feelings that hurt me, she helped me to open up my chest, those feeling was bothering me. She is warm, kind and helpful person, she wants to help, she spends time to talk and solve problem , she is not kind of person just look at the time and say oh we run out of the time, she finishes her job properly.

I am pleased from bottom of my heart to meet with her, it was the first time in my entire life somebody talked to me like the inner voice, she is amazing.

I recommend her to everybody, she is there to help.

“Things are falling into place and it is amazing. … You have been so important to me I can’t express my gratitude for your being with me on my journey to more clarity and healing.”
   – Client describes new-found peace

Transform Anger & Deep Sadness into Personal Growth
Always having lived with such intense feelings such as anger, bitterness, sadness etc. I felt like I was carrying them like a heavy luggage or backpack.  They were so dense and heavy and they interfered with my daily life. Having read endless number of books, I always felt like I now understood everything yet somehow I was still at the same place; always carrying all these heavy feelings. For years I thought this was perfectly normal and that I had to live with these feelings for the rest of my life.  Also not being able to assert myself and never being able to say the little word No to people was taking a toll on my life. I was a little skeptical about trying the sessions but I’m so glad that I went through with the sessions; with the most unexpected feelings and issues being resolved and having valuable results from the sessions.

At the beginning of the sessions, I just couldn’t understand at all what she meant by “becoming the real you”. Do I ever understand what she means by that now.  I feel so light as if I lost weight, both physically and mentally.  I now have a sense of clarity in just everyday living. Doing the suggested processes just seems to magically relieve you of the intense festering feelings. In the past you could have paid me money to say the word No and it would never have happened. For the first  time in my life I have actually said the word No to people when I actually mean No,and without feeling guilty or selfish. To be able to say what I truly want and feel to family and friends is the most amazing feeling you can ask for. And no money in the world can buy that natural feeling of speaking “the real you”.  All this now happens so naturally and subtly that I don’t even realize I have spoken/asserted myself until a few hours later or even a day later.
Tina goes through each session with such total attentiveness, detail and care and most of all, always ensures that your issue is resolved, always working at your own comfortable pace and level. I would always come out of the sessions with a feeling of completeness.  It is really transformational to have worked with Tina, well worth the time and effort.  The work is so profound and it actually turned out to be fun.

“… the first time I visualized my feelings, and the second time I saw inside my soul”
    – One client’s experience

Heal Emotions – Heal  Relationships
I was looking for a hypnotherapist in Montreal and decided to search online. I found several but decided to go see Tina Romano. I’m so glad I did. Tina is extremely experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable. She is also a warm and caring human being. She is easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable upon our first meeting. She is a very special lady with a great heart and gentle soul. Tina taught me how to recognize and feel my feelings without analyzing them. Simply to allow myself to feel. This was huge and incredibly valuable lesson that will serve me well for the rest of my life. I highly recommend meeting Tina. She is unlike any other. No matter what issues you are dealing with in your life I am certain she can help you help yourself. Thank you, Tina, for all you do. You are making this world a better place. I am grateful to have met you.

“Sincere, compassionate and true, Tina Romano safely guided me out of the dark stifling cave into the genuinely bright light where I could breath again!”

Get Unstuck – Develop You – Create True Self-Esteem
It is very difficult to write about the work that Tina Romano does with you and the changes it brings about within you. Why? Simple. Because it is subtle, internal, and intangible. There is nothing concrete that you can show (for instance, I lost 10 pounds) or for that matter articulate (for instance, I closed that deal). The work is deep and at times, personally, it has felt akin to that of an internal paradigm shift.

So here is an attempt to discuss my experiences with Tina.  Guess the best way to describe what I was when I first met her, was a person with issues, issues with self, issues with family, friends, and colleagues, and issues with situations – all of which were largely unresolved. I come from a family where emotions are considered a sign of weakness, and I was the weakest one of them all. My achievements and accomplishments meant or felt nothing to me. And, in matters of the heart, my experiences ranged from the proverbial cheat to a sociopath. By the time I met Tina, “I” had come to a complete standstill, I had imploded so many times over, and felt I was caught in a whirlpool that was beyond my control.

Today, I am much more at peace, more aware of my emotions, and more equipped to interact with them and move beyond it. For instance, my sibling and I got into a verbal spat, I am not much of a fighter, and my sibling said something rather terrible to me. The “old me” would have agonized over it, carried a grudge, would have not forgotten or forgiven him about it, and my words would suggest that I am past it but every fiber of my being would be smarting with the pain not to mention wanting to get back, albeit in a passive aggressive way. Tina taught me a technique called “emotional mindfulness”. I used it to navigate this hurtful situation where I wanted to retain this relationship that was precious to me. (Mind you, I was a skeptic while practicing the technique). A week later, I had moved past it, it no longer hurt, I had almost forgotten about it, and the best part – I could communicate with my sibling as if nothing had transpired between us. In all my years whenever someone has said something mean and hurtful, I have cowered, simmered, and have always remembered the nasty comment and the hurt associated with it. Invariably, several of my relationships over the years have been severed because of my inability to get past their human transgressions. And here I was, within a week, had “emotionally” moved beyond this episode with my sibling with my concern, love, and affection still intact.

Yes, there are times that my work with Tina has flummoxed my cerebral side but this situation with my sibling happened into my third month of seeing her and the results were undeniable. There is a plethora of instances I could narrate that showcases the changes that her work brings about within you. The work is slow, it requires patience, and a certain level of consistency in practice. Tina has a myriad of approaches and your work with her is anything but easy. Her efforts have helped to regain my core, stop my identity from eroding and corroding, and I have begun to rebuild my self.

There have been several instances where I have felt like a “fool” (for lack of a better word) for voicing a situation and Tina has a way of bringing it out of you, addressing/ resolving it, and equipping you to deal with it should it re-surface in the future. The sensitivity of the work that needs to be done you can be rest assured that Tina is respectful of her client’s privacy and maintains confidentiality even in her email exchanges (which I am an absolute fan of!). Tina has the sense of smell of a bear to suss out where work needs to be done and I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times she has sussed it out from the nook and cranny of my story. It may be lodged in a very benign corner of your narration and Tina will sense it and get working on it. Uncomfortable? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Positive impact? Undeniably so.

Tina is kind, professional, caring, and good at what she does. I feel truly blessed to be guided by her.

“… a mind-blowing experience!”
A client describes her truly amazing discovery

Become Whole  – Gain Clarity in Relationships
I had done some research on the web while going through an amicable divorce. My Google words were “hypnosis therapy.” Upon arriving to Montreal, I called Tina with one goal in mind. I told her I wanted to become “whole.” I was surprised with what I felt after hypnosis.

I have shifted from being a young girl to a full grown woman in two weeks. With exercises that were suggested by Tina, the process was difficult, and necessary. I do not see my oyster the same as I did, before I entered her office.

I have become aware and accepted my traumatic childhood as part of who I am. That was HUGE.
I went with an open mind. I was very receptive. That is the only way healing can work. You need to know and feel in your heart that you are ready to face these inner turmoils. I did not feel the same way afterwards. I am more confident with decisions that I make, and no longer doubt myself. Well, the doubts are there, but I sit with it, until the inner voice speaks loudly enough! The inner voice is always right and leaves you fearless.

I have benefited tremendously from the work we have done together. I was emotionally exhausted after first session, but for some reason, I knew we were onto something and couldn’t wait for the next session. It was such an enlightenment!

Tina, I have already referred you to my friends!

“I have appreciated and grown immensely by our time together.”
One client’s summary

Lift Deep Sadness & Grief – ReBuild the Self
I was at a point in my life where I could not go on emotionally,  I was raw with uncontrollable tears, I had seen therapists, gone to group grief therapy and even took classes on how to handle such emotional pain, but nothing seemed to help.  I needed to take action because I had a very big event that was coming up and I needed to be emotionally stable.

I became interested in hypnotherapy regression as a way to see if it could help me.I called Tina and we had a telephone interview.  The first sessions were very intense, very emotional.  I had to get all of those emotions out.  I can honestly say that Tina brought me to places that I never dreamed of, she helped heal in me pain that was long dormant.  I was always amazed at the progress that I made after a session with her.  I have become emotionally stronger than I was six months before.

I had a goal in mind and Tina helped me accomplish it.  I learned techniques to use at home in order to work on.

I have no qualms in recommending Tina to anyone who would benefit from her help.

Thank you Tina!

Become Unstuck & Thrive
I had two very powerful sessions with Tina. I had been searching for answers, trying to put pieces of the puzzle together. I had also been feeling like life events were shoving me towards a closed door I couldn’t open. I felt stuck, frustrated and despaired all at the same time. I knew I was on a spiritual path, but I didn’t understand it. Tina helped me find my answers with firm guidance to help me through resistance, she used her intuition to help me open new doors, and she shared in this very personal experience with tremendous professionalism. She has become a partner on my path!
Love ya!

The Body Holds the Issue
Meeting Tina Romano has profoundly impacted the experience of my life.  Through her discerning and intuitive guidance, I was able to release intricate and seemingly heavy somatic memories in all simplicity and healing, allowing me to gently shed away illusory obstacles to the fulfillment of my true nature.  She leads her practice with ease and safety.

Phobia Eliminated
Hi Tina,
Well, yesterday, I saw my first snake of the season and I didn’t scream and I didn’t dance around nor did I tremble all over!!!!!!  I did stop in my tracks and then I very calmly walked away! Thank you!
…I saw my 3rd snake yesterday while weeding my flowers, I was very calm and kept on with my work … I can’t thank you enough!

Break-through to Happiness
When I first approached Tina for help, my goal was to see if it was possible to explore that inner and, probably dark, side of me that wouldn’t allow me to be completely happy. I have to admit, at the beginning it is not so easy, but once you know exactly why you are there and what you can accomplish with each session, everything seems to fall in place and gets much easier. Tina is a very kind and professional person, who takes her time to listen to you, in order to understand your feelings and proceed accordingly. After each session, I felt renewed and hopeful and I can say now that my anxiety levels are much lower, if any, after these 4 enriching sessions. Likewise, I have learned a lot about myself and how to manage my emotions and thoughts thanks to her. For sure, I would recommend giving Tina a call if you would like to take a further step in your healing process.


I began seeing Tina almost a year ago for issues with anxiety. Having tried other forms of therapy and seeing no improvement, I decided to try hypnotherapy. The results have been incredible! The combination of her guidance with the hypnosis has provided me with more insight than with therapy alone. Tina’s approach is very warm, caring & supportive while still being professional.


I had hit a wall in my talk therapy. Something was “in the way” and I just could not get to it. With my psychologist’s support, I consulted with Tina. The results were exactly what I had hoped: in an atmosphere of comfort and trust, I was able to see the emotional block that had eluded me, and by seeing it, remove its power. I felt safe and valued throughout the process, and would heartily encourage others to explore this option in their journey to self understanding.
–Elizabeth T.


I was referred to Tina Romano by a colleague who insisted that I experience hypnotherapy to deal with some childhood issues I carry around; issues that do not serve me well in my adult life. It’s not easy for me to let my guard down so it was imperative that I chose someone who knew how to put me at ease so that I could do this kind of inner work. With such a strong referral in hand I went to a couple of sessions with Tina and she really was amazing at explaining what to expect during the full session. I was able to recognize a difference in my demeanor and thoughts. I credit Tina with that and look forward to continuing my work with her.
With everlasting gratitude,
–Lynn N.


Working with you Tina has been an amazing and enlightening journey – peeling away the layers, resolving inner conflicts, healing and reconciling the past leading me to this more peaceful present. Analyzing and endless talking just did not seem to change how I felt. Feeling safe with your gentle, caring process I was able to dig deep, really feel the feelings I had pushed away and release them. What a relief to not have those triggers throw me off balance so often.

My relationship with my mother was such a challenge, our uncomfortable confrontations and my unresolved anger. She could push my buttons like no one else. It did take time and effort to heal the past hurts and let them go. I now appreciate my mom on a whole new level and we now have a caring adult relationship. Thank you Tina for helping me do this inner work of healing, releasing and freeing myself. What a gift!

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