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The first session is highly informative.  Clients disclose their goal(s). Relevant information is gathered.  Explanations are provided.  Concerns are addressed. This is an opportunity for you to start to become comfortable with your hypnotist.  You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.   This is an important first step.  This Session lasts about 2 hours, at times shorter or longer. Subsequent sessions will build on this one.

Deeper work begins with the second session.  This Session opens with a short talk about the client’s current state … any lingering concerns are addressed … confirmation of the goal or  re-direction of the goal. We proceed gently and build on it as we go into deeper work.  Clients are often pleasantly surprised at how they feel!  They frequently remark “when can we do this again!”.  It is recommended that the first and second session be scheduled one week apart.  Subsequent Sessions last about  1½ hours, at times shorter or longer.

Thereafter, sessions are scheduled every 2 or 3 weeks.  However, the rate will be based on the client’s individual needs, mindful of the time required for personal integration between sessions.  The scheduling is flexible.

How many hypnosis sessions are required?  Because the sessions are built on client’s needs and goals, there is no pre-set number of visits.  Required number of sessions depend on client’s previous experience in doing personal growth work, prior experience with hypnosis  and on individual progress.  Note, however, that very little can be accomplished in less than 4 to 6 sessions.  Because of this, I offer a number of packages.  Please inquire about our packages!

What about in between sessions?  The lines of communication remain open.  If you have any questions in between sessions, I am available.

At your option, hypnosis/regression sessions can be audio recorded.

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