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About the Sessions

The initial session is dedicated to an in-depth understanding of your struggles and life experiences. This session lasts about 2 hours. We transition into the deeper work of resolving your struggles in subsequent sessions.  What not to expect – the same old approach.

Subsequent sessions will build on this one.

Thereafter, sessions are scheduled every 2 or 3 weeks.  However, the rate will be based on the client’s individual needs, mindful of the time required for personal integration between sessions.
The scheduling is flexible.

How many sessions are required?  Because the sessions are built on client’s needs and goals, there is no pre-set number of visits.  Required number of sessions depend on client’s previous experience in doing personal growth work and on individual progress. Generally little can be accomplished in less than 4 to 6 sessions.

Because of this, I offer a number of packages.  Inquire about our packages!

What about in between sessions?  The lines of communication remain open.  If you have any questions in between sessions, I am available.

Release your Struggles.

The Possibility to Thrive!

If you’ve reached a point where….
This is a frequent starting point for many of my clients.

“Helping clients in Montreal — West Island, across Canada  &  USA”

One-on-one  in my Office  or  via Video

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